Vernal is a major city on the Old Kin Map and the Kin Re-imaginedmap. Vernal is known for its high value loot spawns. As it has a Police Station, Supermarket, Hospital, Office Building, Church and twoMilitary Tents, one being a medical tent.

Most players loot Vernal when coming from the Refugee Camp or Prison/Mason. Vernal is mostly surrounded by hills, having both the north and east side covered by them.

There are TWO roads to Vernal, the main road and the dirt road. If you are looking to travel to the Refugee Camp then it is recommended to take the dirt road as it leads to the camp. The main road is where most players come from, going all the way to Kin. This means landmarks such as the Radio station, Prison, and the city Mason (Take a right turn from Prison if coming from RT) are all apart of this road.