Some very popular guns for bandits.



Signs of banditsEdit

If you see a man with a black bandanna, he is a bandit. Be careful encountering them. They will usually have very big guns. If there is a man that kills people but is not yet a bandit, he's aiming to be one.

How to avoid themEdit

Now that you know how to identify them, avoid them. Choose everything black at the beggining, and choose the ninja perk. This will help you blend well in the night. Walk away from these people.

How to beat oneEdit

Get a good gun. There is no chance of beating one if you dont have a good gun. Bandits are super experienced. They have really good guns too. That is a very dangerous combination. Shoot them in the head. More damage is dealt in the head than the torso or limbs.

Bandit power (Out of ten) 9

Civillian power (Out of ten)


Begginner power ('Out of ten')


Winner: BanditEdit